Friday, November 7, 2008

The feature on Mjolk Homme for h(y)r collective! (which used my images) is up!

check it out!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

For Marais USA:

This weekend/week kicked my ass. Tomorrow is my first day off in a while, but I still have a million things to do.
A lot of people want my time, I hardly get any of it for myself.
Oh well, enough complaining! I am going to drag my self back to brooklyn now!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Also! I updated my website!
with work that I have already shown here, but still.
I am working on a new page which will feature 'New & Commissioned Work' but I have to finish the Marais job first.
All in good time!

And just because, how about a photograph of a donkey?

A photo from the Marais USA shoot.

I need the intimate feel of colour printing in the darkroom again!!
I have been spending a lot of time scanning and retouching lately, it's just not the same.

My Mother is in England at the moment and I am monumentally jealous. But of course happy for her!
That is all that is going on with me lately..

Here is an outtake from the Marais USA shoot!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Kind of random:
Sometimes I just wish a really great pop album like Camera Obscura's Let's Get Out Of This Country would come out again. It was only a couple of years ago, but I am already nostalgic for listening to that album when it was new to me and the feeling I had then.
So good!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Swing, 2008

Lately I have been drawn to images that have a specific colour or focus quality that end up making the photographs resemble paintings. This is clear when I am in the editing-down-my-photos-from-the-contact-sheet stage, but my likes aren't really matching my urges, which have been almost completely commercial lately..
as an example, this was the second least commercial photograph on that roll:

There is no point in even scanning the rest.

oh well.
Swing, 2008 is probably the last image that feels like my own work left on the countless rolls of film I took this summer - which leaves me with a series of 3. I really want to go back and photograph in Texas again, since I don't have access to young subjects here in nyc, and besides, youth is completely different here. I am more interested in the less opulent, and more simple qualities that remind me of youth in the south.

On another note! I have been doing work for Marais USA lately and am excited as the images are turning out.. I am actually in the middle of an 8 hour scanning session at the moment, but thought that since I was at the scanner I might as well sneak in some photo's of my own!
But now I shall go back to the slow pace of hi res scanning.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Natali on the day of the Mjolk shoot.

I have not had time lately to work the photographs that I take for myself (which for now consists of photos from summer), so that is why the two below are all that are here.. but I think I will have more time to work on them next week..
My mother and father are coming into town this weekend to meet my mothers' half brother's for the first time, so I am very excited and busy preparing for that at the moment!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Marcus, 2008

lilli, 2008

One of the photographs from the mjolk shoot..
Not sure how I feel about them now, I had hoped they would be dreamier..

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Life is good for Natasha this week, but not for those who work on Wall St.

My friend Val is going to take my photograph for her current series, and I am really excited! Since I actually do not have a digital camera, or one of those fancy laptops that have cameras in them, photographs of myself are somewhat rare. So I am thankful for the entire situation. Tomorrow I am TAing a colour printing class (an event that happens every Wednesday) at SVA and afterwards I am going to attend one of those advance screenings of the duchess. Friday night my dearest friend Illi wants me to go to some openings, and my boyfriend and I have declared it date night. I am also planning to scan and send photographs to Lars, and will hopefully be meeting up with a friend from high school sometime this week. And to top it off, my friend jacob is throwing a party with a title! The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain! Truthfully though, it has nothing to do with my fair lady but more to do with tapas and Spanish wine. And then Sunday it is back to manual labor, but even that I enjoy. I am thankful that life is good!
Still can not wait to see some images from the summer! But all in good time.

Sorry if my posts make me seem some what deranged, I write them in my free time: when I am normally sleep deprived. aaaand another photograph, just because:

Sunday, September 14, 2008


So, Scratch that idea I had about posting past images. Blogger makes it very complicated to upload images and apparently simply writing out html doesn't cut it! or rather does cut it. cuts your image in half! So if need be, visit my website here to see those.
In recent news, I got 2nd degree burns all over my arm, but it isn't that big a deal. I also met up with Lars from Mjolk Homme and shot a quick fashion story with him over the weekend, with my lovely fake assistant/true friend Natali. It was such a fun shoot and I am really excited about the images. I am also excited about the copious amount of photographs I took over the summer that I am only now having a chance print/scan. I.can.not.wait!!
But for the time being, it is killing me having a blog with no photographs, so here are a couple:

Blog part two

So, I created a blog a while ago, but never used it. Since I just graduated from SVA, and will no longer have an audience of peers to show my work to and get feedback from, the time has come for me to take this blogger thing seriously! Unfortunately it had been so long since I had logged into blogger, I had completely forgotten my login info, so I have been forced to get a new one. But it is good! Time for a change and a fresh start!
This blog will be used for me to post my photography as it happens, before it has meaning and what not, while I take the time to think about what I am doing and what everything means.
That being said, I think I will upload some of my past work just so that it is all on here... also I haven't had a chance to scan new work yet, so that will keep me busy!