Monday, June 21, 2010

When I was seven, my family moved to a suburb outside of Paris. We lived there for ten months, until my fathers job moved us back to England.
I loved living there so much, that I have had a disillusioned sense of French pride ever since. Of all the places I have lived, I think it is still my favourite - I remember looking out of the car window in wonderment as my father drove us through Paris one night. All the lights, architecture, people and even the amount of cars on the road amazed me, especially since I was used to far more quaint qualities: the village we lived in in England had one major street named "the street"!
I like to look at the photos from that year we spent dans La Celle-Saint-Cloud in our idyllic house (my bedroom had a balcony that over looked our street! Too cute to believe, right?!), here are some of them.

Even though schools in France don't have school uniforms, I liked to wear my english school dress from time to time.

In Paris.

Ah yes, our house.

Oh wait, this was our house.

My beautiful mother, with Lilli and Michaela.

My father and I in Versailles, can you tell it was the '90's?

My sisters and I (also in the gardens of Versailles!)

My brother and sister in our sitting room.

And lastly, this image is not from France (can you tell by the five alive?) - I just find it to be an entertaining photo of my sister Michaela, bless!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another absence!
Sorry my updates are rather infrequent, I blame it on the lack of technology in my possession! My trusty laptop (that has made it over 6 years) is in it's last days, and has trouble performing the smallest of tasks (it has now become a glorified mp3 player). So the photos that I DO take (which are admittedly few) on my digital camera are left there. This, coupled with the fact that I am not taking as many photographs as I should, leaves me having little to say - and show!
I haven't come up with a remedy, but I am simply going to start trying to take the extra steps to get images online! And perhaps I will be more sharing with opinions and stories as well!

Any way -

This happened the other day, and it warmed my heart.