Friday, May 1, 2009

It amazes me how often photographers get snubbed the credit they deserve.

Positive example: Here: Cultures In Between. I wouldn't have even found out about this if I had not indulged in the guilty pleasure of Google-ing myself. This came up, and it touched my heart that although having no knowledge of me - or having any personal reasons to give me credit - they found the time to find out the photographer and then, shock of all shocks, give me credit.

I would post a negative example, but there are just too many. Photographs seem to take them selves these days. I write this post because tonight my friend told me about a blog post that featured one of my photographs, that I honestly would not have known about if I didn't have a BFF who was keen on fashion blog knowledge.

Not that I am bitter about this exact post, since it is truly the norm to post photographs with out caring where they come from. But this is the result of some deep seeded problems.

I feel bad even writing this, since I am really grateful for people that have blogged about my photographs, and I understand the importance of blogging and the influence it has, but still! Opinions seem to be that a photographers role is unimportant and that therefore it is acceptable overlook them (financially and otherwise). Apparently we are lucky for any "experience" that we get, because we didn't get enough of it in all those 4 years we studied the art and got taken advantage of in unpaid internships.

Sorry for the complaining, but it had to be done!


Natali said...

You are a master (mistress?) of light and deserve to be treated accordingly!

Natasha Kaser said...

haha, thanks, and HEY GIRL HEY!