Thursday, January 29, 2009

Graze, 2008

So! I think travel is really necessary in photography. But that is actually stupidly narrow minded; travel is just really necessary for the type of photography I want to be doing, and the results that I want.
My work schedule at the moment doesn't allow me time to travel, and my funds(ha!) don't seem to allow it either, and I have just been stagnant in many ways for a long time.
Last spring I went back to England for just 2 weeks, and shot about 200 120 rolls, along with 20 4x5's (which looking back at it- still doesn't seem like enough) and the result was my entire graduating portfolio. So in short, 50 weeks of the year in New York City vs. just two weeks in the south of England: I shot more in England, and had more actual shots when all was said and done.
I think it had a lot to do with the planning of the trip and the project, and the fact that the project was something that I felt so passionate about. But it was also successful because I was simply changing the scenery, and felt a sense of urgency, since I knew my time there was limited.

Well, I really want to change things up! I am hoping to take a month off this summer and travel to europe, but I don't know what my money situation will be then so it is tough to plan. Tomorrow morning I am meeting Val in Astoria and then traveling to upstate NY (which I am so excited about - and have been talking about doing for a very long time!), so hopefully I will produce new images then!

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Anonymous said...

This is exciting to read from you because it has been frustrating to leave room for what we are intended to fulfill. I like the motivation you are giving yourself. As a fellow artist, I wish you more time and funds to create art!